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About PPO

The future of Advertising is powered by AI

As AI technology grows rapidly, It has challenged the creative visual industry in the most unexpected way. Before the computer mostly acts as a photo fixing tool for our photographers, I wondered what if they were the boss? To help us visualising the unimaginable, testing the possibilities of different level of solutions and feasibility, to achieve the maximum popularity with the efficiency we had never experienced before. 

Stationary photo

Project story

My project is letting the machine to take over the director role of a photoshoot, and let the human to achieve what the computer want us to do. In the begining, we ask AI to create an image of ‘A Pink Sunny Afternoon’ and the rest is for us to follow the image and achieve what we have been told to achieve. The computure has generated an image of a group of naked men sitting on a sunny beach looking at the horizon afar like a Paul Cézanne painting. Our vision is rather than spending most of the photographers brains on thinking about the direction of a photoshoot for a client, we’d like them to focus on the aesthetics, and let the AI leads us to the maximum popularity. I think that is the future of commercial photography. 

GM Ruofan Mao

My Pink afternoon

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